CLEAN is a collaborative movement of organizations and individuals with the common goal of implementing a new energy future.

America’s energy policy, and the self-interested people and politics that control it, have created a reliance on fossil fuels that endangers our health, safety, environment, and economic prosperity. We believe a new energy policy is necessary and intend to secure it.

Waxman Markey Bill Has Been Co-opted By Special Interests.

The Waxman-Markey bill falls far short of the policies needed to make the transition from a dirty energy economy to a clean energy economy. The American Clean Energy and Security Act has been compromised, weakened and hijacked by coal and utility special interests and our representatives have allowed it to happen. Our most powerful tool for fighting against this bill is our collective voices. Please make sure yours is heard.
Help Stop This Bill!

Status Report: 6/9/2009
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The Action Archive

CLEAN has put together a video about our Citizens’ Clean Energy Economy Investment Act. Watch it yourself and then forward it to friends you know, or embed it on your website, Facebook page or elsewhere. You too can:

Educate as many people as you know about the Citizens’ Clean Energy Economy Investment Act.

Get them involved with CLEAN via the CLEAN Social Network. The Network is currently by invitation only as we work out some of the bugs and get it up and running. If you want to participate write to [email protected]

Status Report: 5/19/2009

As part of the ongoing CLEAN campaign, we will be putting together one informative op ed piece each week. We strongly encourage groups and individuals to edit the op eds and tailor them to local issues and interests. We hope this will be an easy way to elevate important national and local issues around our transition to a clean energy economy!

Op-ed Pages– The Clean Network

OPERATION: MYTH Clean Coal Doesn’t Exist

The coal industry is spending millions of dollars to try to convince America that coal can be clean. Coal is dirty, and the Carbon Capture and Sequestration technology (CCS) they tout does not exist. To be clear: clean coal doesn’t exist; it isn’t likely to; and most importantly, it doesn’t need to.

Watch the video.

Forward it to friends and family.

Embed it in your blog, Facebook page etc.

Leave a comment on YouTube.

Status Report: 5/8/2009
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Our Network Campaigns

CLEAN Organizations support each other, not just on achieving new energy policies on the national level, but also locally and at the state level. This means that, at times, the entire network comes to the aid of one of the participating organizations.
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Take part in discussions, find other groups and individuals with similar interests and concerns. Find events in your area ,share pictures, videos , strategy. It’s all here. The Clean Social Network site is open to all. If you want to participate, click here.
Help with one of our current network campaigns

Add your voice to the below network campaigns, and then ask the members of your organization, your friends, and family to do the same. Help join in our collaborative fight.
Network Campaign: Fight for clean wind in Massachusetts

After seven years the Cape Wind project is coming to the end of the regulatory review process and getting closer than ever to being built. The number of decisions, determinations, statements, certificates and milestones, since the project was first proposed in 2001, has consistently found that the public interests would be served by this clean, renewable energy project. But the significant benefits from Cape Wind could be delayed by the well funded opponents, who have promised to drag this visionary project through a lengthy court battle, because they think that YOU and I are going to give up.
CLEAN Org(s):
Clean Power Now

I want to help

Status Report: 6/1/2009

On April 22, 2009, the Department of Interior released the much anticipated Programmatic Rules for offshore renewable development. This will help to pave the way for wind, wave, tidal and other projects on the Outer Continental Shelf of the east coast and is a huge step in moving our country towards more sustainable energy.
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Network Campaign: Save Coal River Mountain

West Virginia
Massey Inc. is attempting to blow up Coal River Mountain as part of its ongoing heinous practice of Mountaintop Removal. We are fighting to stop it.
CLEAN Org(s):
Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Coal River Mountain Watch

I want to help

Status Report: 5/27/2008

EPA halts hundreds of mountaintop mining permits. One of those permits is for Coal River Mountain!!!!
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Network Campaign: Make 40 miles per gallon the standard

The United States
Make 40 miles per gallon the standard for all automobiles in the United States. The benefits are obvious: we reduce dependence on Middle Eastern oil, making us more secure; we lower the carbon emissions into the atmosphere that contribute to global warming; and we put America’s technology community to work on these important problems, creating jobs, ensuring that the U.S. leads in the development and sale of new technologies.
CLEAN Org(s):
40MPG.org, Hybrid Owners of America ,

I want to help

Status Report: 5/21/2009

Greater fuel efficiency is technologically possible. The benefits are obvious. The obstacles can be overcome.
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Network Campaign: Stop the Edwardsport Coal Plant

Duke Energy is selling false technology to the people and ratepayers of Indiana, making them pay for a new coal-fired power plant. Duke claims this plant will use CCS. Well, we know that’s not possible. We are working to educate citizens about CCS and this multi-billion dollar boondoggle.
CLEAN Org(s):
Citizen’s Action Coalition

I want to help

Status Report: 5/21/2009
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Research and Surveys

The policies outlined in the Citizens’ Clean Energy Economy Investment Act’s foundation are based on solid, scientific, and economic research produced by experts from around the world and consolidated by Synapse. The CSI/CLEAN surveys demonstrate that, when people are educated about the true nature of our energy policies, they are prepared to support this Act.
OCTOBER 23, 2008

Survey Montana

OCTOBER 16, 2008

Survey Colorado

OCTOBER 1, 2008

Survey Indiana

SEPTEMBER 25, 2008

Survey National
Survey Kentucky
Survey West Virginia

JUNE 26, 2008

Survey Gas Prices

Clean Everywhere

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